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Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

Crimson Guitars - custom guitars and luthiers supplies

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I have been following these guys for a while now. Building custom guitars in the UK. Why I follow them is because they make such nice and innovative guitars focussing on the wood and its natural beauty. They also make luthier tools, have an active workshop diary and have created a luthiers guild. These guys are well worth checking out.

Two things come to mind when looking at their stuff, their love for guitars and instruments and their love for wood, especially hard wood (*snigger*) ie tone woods.

Take a breathtaking oggle at their gallery at and see for yourself.

"At Crimson Guitars we have been building renowned custom guitars for 14 years and have worked with such luminaries as Robert Fripp and Charlie Jones.  We also produce a full range of guitar building tools, luthiers supplies and jigs from fret leveling files to guitar templates, plans and an extensive range of tonewoods.  Our online guitar making school, the guild, has over a hundred free and premium video tutorials to help anyone learn how to build their own guitar or bass."
- Crimson Guitars Website

Crimson guitars are very active on Youtube with very regular podcasts (vlogs?) about a variety of luthier related topics.

"How do you build guitars? This channel is an outlet for Crimson Guitars guitar making tutorials and how-to videos with tips and tricks of the guitar makers trade released every week or two and video demos of our completed custom built guitars. We also shoot video diaries of entire custom guitar builds and post them here, see a guitar come to life in front of your eyes and learn how to make one in the process."

"We are on all the main social media platforms spreading the word and throughout each working day we post photo's of every phase of every build. You can see each instrument grow from timber to tunes live or at weeks end through the Workshop Diary and the video blog here on YouTube! Don't forget to share and subscribe to our channel, we really appreciate it :)"
- Crimson Guitars on Youtube

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