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Monday, 10 November 2014 00:00

Jorewiky Amplification, aka The Sound Doctor

Written by Pete Jorewicz
Jorewiky "Little Slugger"  19 watt, single 12" EL84 Jorewiky "Little Slugger" 19 watt, single 12" EL84

Jorewiky Amplification, aka The Sound Doctor. Specializing in maintenance, repair, and restoration of tube amplification. i.e., mods, de-mods, custom work, and rebuilds including Fender, Ampeg, Marshall, Gibson, Vox. Authorized repairman for GENZ/BENZ, and Mesa Boogie.

A quick introduction please, name, company, location: Jorewiky amplification, Hermitage, Pa.
What got you started making gear?: Tired of lugging large amps
What gear do you make?: 19 watt combo amp
Where do you operate from?: Hermitage pa.
What about making gear do you like the most?: creating new things
Is this a hobby or full time operation?: Part time Repair and building
Who inspires you/who do you look up to musically, IE what gear do you admire?: Ken Fischer.....Trainwreck
What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?: New stuff every day
Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?: Still play, we use my amps, both guitarists

Quick Facts:
Favourite Guitar Maker?: Gibson
Favourite Guitar Effect?: guitar cord
Favourite Amp Maker?: Trainwreck
Favourite Music Genre?: Blues/Rock
Favourite Band / Artist?: Anthony Gomes
Favourite Guitarist?: Tommy Castro
Favourite Instrument?: Guitar
Favourite Drink?: IPA
Favourite Place?: My Home
Favourite Food?: Fresh Salmon
Website Address:
Social Media Channels: Facebook - Jorewiky Amplification


Custom amps and repairs Jorewiky
Custom amps and repairs Jorewiky

What Makes Us Different
Custom made Tube Amps since 2001
Custom Service in all of our work
30+ Years of Experience in Repairing Amps
A passion for Music and for Great Sound
An Electrician by trade
Owner of Tri-State Electric since 1983

Why Choose Us
Price vs. Quality we have both
Custom Made with Custom Work
Our Passion is Great Tone

Choices .
Jorewiky Amps have the Best Quality Construction
Warranty with all Amplifiers & Labor and Material Included
Choice of Models and Colors

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