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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

Craigamps - amp maker in South Africa

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Looks we are really traveling the world with these interviews and amp/effects builder spotlights. The next interview is with Benjamin from Craigamps from Nelspruit in South Africa. A proper love story, like most builders the hobby/business/corporation... whatever it grows into always seems to start the same; by the love for guitars and everything that it brings with it. Please read the interview with Benjamin from Craigamps!

craig amps red boutique amplifer"I just started to play electric and all that I was accustomed to was an acoustic. After using friends old amps and the HiFi, I had enough and wanted my own amp. I was still attending university and became aware of the electronics department, of which I was told would be the best place to have one made..." Click HERE to read the whole about us page. 

Name: Benjamin Craig
Company Name: Craigamps

A quick introduction please, name, company, location:
Grew up building my stuff I wanted in my fathers workshop. Never had great options in a small town in South Africa, so making your own things was often the only option. Loved art, and woodworking.

What got you started making gear?
There few options in the music shops in the town I lived in. Had a few locals laugh at me, and tell me I wouldn't be able to build, and the technology was obsolete. Wanted to prove people wrong, then the bug bit.

What gear do you make?
I make Valve Guitar Amps, and fx pedals. Pedal boards are in the cards. All my pedals are handpainted, and the pcb's engraved.

Where do you operate from?
I work in my single garage (and kitchen in evenings) in Nelspruit Mpumalanga in South Africa

What about making gear do you like the most?
I enjoy seening a creation coming together, and turning on for the first time. It's like drugs when you hear the guitar come through the speaker for the first time.

Is this a hobby or full time operation?
It's a part time. I work for myself and split my work over a few things.

Who inspires you/who do you look up to musically, IE what gear do you admire?
I love all forms of guitar related music, but blues just gives me that feeling deep inside. I was inspired by Dr Z amps, and Zvex pedals. Yet I don't want to clone, just look for inspiration.

What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?
What annoys me is super self promotion. Or undercutting of another product to promote your own. What I love is that people are buying because they see the value of handmade products and pieces of artwork. That it's possible to talk to the person who made your gear vs a faceless corp.

Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?
I am not in a band, but played in a few over the years. I settle for making noise and allowing those better than me to make music with my gear. I keep a few items for myself, but kids are expensive, so it often moves.

Quick Fire
Favourite Guitar Maker?: None
Favourite Guitar Effect?: Fuzz
Favourite Amp Maker?: Matchless
Favourite Music Genre?: Blues
Favourite Band / Artist?: Dan Patlansky
Favourite Guitarist?: Dan Patlansky
Favourite Instrument?: Electric guitar
Favourite Drink?: Tonic water
Favourite Place?: Cape Town
Favourite Food?: Lamb curry
Website Address:
Social Media Channels: @craigamps 

graig amp stompbox with lego
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