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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 19:49

Sleeping Dog FX - Quality hand built effects and stompboxes from Lincolnshire, England

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Sleeping Dog FX Pedals - You Dirty Dog Effects Pedal Sleeping Dog FX Pedals - You Dirty Dog Effects Pedal Sleeping Dog FX

Sleeping Dog FX was born out of the need to find perfect tone that that eludes musicians... Until now apparantly. Sleeping Dog FX proudly help musicians define their tone and find the sound that they have been searching for.

"All of Sleeping Dog FX pedals are handmade here in Lincolnshire UK using only the best available components and finished to a very high standard. Michael Haynes founder of Sleeping Dog FX is dedicated to provide high quality products that are built to last with fantastic tone that musicians will be reaching for again and again. Backed by a 1 year guarantee we believe in our products so much that you’ll be passing these down from generation to generation." - More on Sleeping Dog FX Website

Sleeping dog fx logoInterview:

Name: Michael Haynes
Company Name: Sleeping Dog FX

A quick introduction please, name, company, location:
I'm Michael Haynes, proud founder of Sleeping Dog FX. I make boutique guitar and bass fx pedals and switching solutions. I also make custom one off bespoke guitar and bass pedals. I'm located in Lincolnshire, England and supply pedals all over the globe.


What got you started making gear?
I started making gear many moons ago as a hobby. I was fortunate enough to have some relatively known bands request custom pedals from me. Sleeping Dog FX born out of this.


What gear do you make?
I make boutique guitar and bass FX and switching solutions as well as custom one-off bespoke pedals built to specific requirements.


Where do you operate from?
I operate from Lincolnshire England.


What about making gear do you like the most?
I like supplying pedals to customers playing in their bedrooms or on a stage somewhere. Giving customers the opportunity to have a custom pedal built to their requirements and finding the tone they've been searching for.


Is this a hobby or full time operation?
This is a full time operation


What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?


Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?
Yeah I'm still active in bands. I currently front post metal "See You in Tijuana!". I use my own gear as well as championing other boutique builders such as Verelken amplifiers and Electrical Guitar Company

Quick Fire:
Favourite Guitar Maker? Electrical guitar company
Favourite Guitar Effect? Currently loving getting to grips with a digitech JamMan looper
Favourite Amp Maker? Verellen (Yup, no other choice in my book <- Editor)
Favourite Music Genre? Post rock
Favourite Band / Artist? Too many to mention. Really into post rock / Experimental music
Favourite Guitarist? Currently digging Mike Sullivan / Brian Cook (russian circles) and Henry Kohen (Mylets)
Favourite Instrument? Cello
Favourite Drink? Brew Dog Punk IPA
Favourite Place? In my head
Favourite Food? Vegan


Website Address:

Social Media Channels:

Twitter: @sleepdogfx


"Sleeping Dog FX is overjoyed to announce that Glasgow based post rock giants Mogwai have been added to the ever growing list of fantastic artists who use Sleeping Dog FX products." - More artist that use Sleeping dog FX HERE


Sleeping dog fx the mighty flea

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