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Sunday, 25 January 2015 09:58

GojiraFX - Gojira pedals makes custom and clone effects and pedals

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GojiraFX GojiraFX GojiraFX

Gojira pedals makes custom and clone effects and pedals. All effects are hand-wired & hand painted using only quality components and enclosures. They have a selection of Gojira designs or you can send them your own artwork to be printed on your pedal at no extra cost!


Name: Scott Meiklejohn
Company Name: GojiraFX

A quick introduction please, name, company, location:
Hi I'm Scott Meiklejohn, owner of GojiraFX based in North Ayrshire, Scotland.


What got you started making gear?
Always been really into pedals and fx from an early age. I remember the first pedal I ever tried; an old Ibanez Flanger, bright yellow box, think I was about 11 years old. Through the years I took to fixing my own and friends gear and that slowly evolved into making my own pedals from scratch.


What gear do you make?
We make a range of pedals; Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion, Tremolo, Octaver - we also do a lot of custom builds that are built to individual specs and soon to add a few more to the range...


Where do you operate from?
I have a small workshop in the house which I use to build and all the painting goes on in our garage.


What about making gear do you like the most?
Playing with the finished product is great fun, a 5 min pedal test regularly turns into a half hour jam. I do enjoy soldering boards as well, it can be quite therapeutic at times. Hearing bands and musicians using them and talking about them is also very rewarding.


Is this a hobby or full time operation?
Started off as a hobby and quickly turned into a full time operation. I work crazy hours, you don't even wanna know!


Who inspires you/who do you look up to musically, IE what gear do you admire?
There's so many inspiring gear makers out there. I'm a massive fan of Mantic conceptual from Denver Colorado. They make amazing pedals and I really appreciate their style and how they carry themselves as a company. Pigtronix, Strymon and Earthquaker devices are probably the stand out makers for me. EHX have really raised the bar recently as well with their new additions.


Musically, the list could go on forever so I'll just name a few that really inspire me for their innovation and creativity: Bjork, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Saul Williams, anything of Mike Patton's, BadBadNotGood, The Mars Volta, MF Doom, EL-P, The Knife...I could go on all day so I'll leave it there....


What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?
The community that exists between companies and builders is great, I have made some great friends and had a lot of help from other companies, some priceless advice too. The scale of the market can be quite daunting at times - for example NAMM gives me the fear!

Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?
I am in band called The Unpeople and between us we use a lot of my gear. The band has helped me greatly with testing and designing new ideas. I'm lucky enough to be around some really great musicians in the band who each have a good knowledge of fx and a bit of a fetish for them, like myself!


Quick Fire:
Favourite Guitar Maker? Ibanez
Favourite Guitar Effect?: Octavers - not up, down!!
Favourite Amp Maker? Ampeg
Favourite Music Genre? Genre's not important - I'm not even sure what genre half the music I listen to is!
Favourite Band / Artist? Fav band - Dillinger Escape Plan, fav artist - Bjork
Favourite Guitarist?: Impossible to decide between Billy Corgan, Ben Weinman and Omar Rodriguez Lopez.
Favourite Instrument? I'm a bit obsessed with hang drums at the moment!
Favourite Drink? Irn-bru (Breakfast for Champions)
Favourite Place? Amsterdam
Favourite Food? Chinese


Website Address: coming soon


Social Media Channels:


My Favourite design for a Gojira FX Pedal

My Favourite design for a Gojira FX Pedal ( <- editor )







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