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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 13:00

Interview with Black Trees Audio - Boutique handmade pedals with custom designs

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Black Trees Audio Trem, Fuzz, chorus and drive pedals Black Trees Audio Trem, Fuzz, chorus and drive pedals Black Trees Audio

Black Trees Audio came to my attention when I saw their pedals and designs on instagram. The pedals are unique and handpainted and just look great. Marina paints the stomps iwth a flavour of her own art. Black Tress Audio dabble with Guitar effects pedals and software audio plugins.

Black Trees Audio Boutique handmade pedals with custom designs. Stockholm, Sweden.

Name: Alex Perez
Company Name: Black Trees Audio

A quick introduction please, name, company, location:
Hi I'm Alex Perez San Elias, my wife Marina Bello and I are the creators of Black Trees Audio, we are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

What got you started making gear?
I started to make audio gear about 15 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, the city where I was born. At the beginning I was reparing guitars, installing pickups and modifying electric guitar circuits. Then I jumped in the terrain of pedal building, making clones or custom circuits like Jack Orman's "Insanity Box", then I stopped for a while since it was hard to find high quality electronic components in the country. Finally, about 3 years ago when we moved to the UK, I got the chance to start building pedals again. Now I continue to do that here in Sweden.

What gear do you make?
We have a wide variety of guitar effects (Boosters, OD, Distortion, Fuzz, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, Compressor) and many more coming soon. On the other hand and with a bit of luck we are also going to introduce a series of Audio Plugins at some point this year that we are designing and developing just now.

Where do you operate from?
Stockholm, Sweden.

What about making gear do you like the most?
I like the different processes involved in pedal making, from buying components in the electronics supplier then going through all stages of soldering / testing. My favorite part is when Marina brings life to the boxes by painting them with different designs.

If you want to see more of her art you can visit her web page:

Is this a hobby or full time operation? 
At the moment this is a hobby that can potentially and hopefully turn out to be a full-time job in the future.

Who inspires you/who do you look up to musically, IE what gear do you admire?
What inspires me is the constant search for the ultimate tone, and how well developed the vintage gear is, nowadays it's really hard to find that kind of quality.

The gear makers that I admire just now are Retro Mechanical Labs, ZVEX, JHS Pedals, Pedal Projects, Skervesen Guitars, Instrumental Pickups, and a lot more.

Feel free to go to my Instagram @blacktreesaudio and check the people I'm following, they inspire me every day.

What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?
What I like about the audio gear industry is the big amount of creativity and unique designs that you can find nowadays, there is audio gear of any kind for everyone, you don't need to buy gear made only by big companies, it's not like that anymore.

Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?
I had 2 bands in Venezuela and we played for several years but now I'm not sure about the future plans, maybe I'll start a new band with my wife, who is also a singer. Then I would definitely use my own gear which I'm proud to build and play

Quick Fire:
Favourite Guitar Maker? Skervesen Guitars
Favourite Guitar Effect? Overdrive
Favourite Amp Maker? Laney
Favourite Music Genre? Many!, now I'm into Post-Rock / Post-Metal
Favourite Band / Artist? Opeth
Favourite Guitarist? Steve Vai
Favourite Instrument? Guitar
Favourite Drink? Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA
Favourite Place? My hometown: El Hatillo in Caracas, Venezuela
Favourite Food? Pizza

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black trees pedals haunt drive distortion / overdrive pedal

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