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Sunday, 12 April 2015 22:36

Interview with B&G handmade Guitars

Please read the interview with master luthiers Eliran Barashi and Kiki Goldstein. These guys are serious about handmaking everything, even casting their own brass hardware from a unique alloy that conducts the widest frequency range. The pickups are also made in-house and only use rare stocks of aged wood.

RJM Effects started as a hobby of Ryan and has grown from there. He started doing guitar repairs about seven years ago and last year decided to take a stab at effects pedals to take his mind off his "real job".  At first just modding and repairing but as knowledge grew (and there's always more to learn) he thought he'd take a stab at building a pedal for his own use. "So, I figured since I was pleased with my builds than maybe other guitar players might be as well." And so it starts...
Sunday, 07 September 2014 00:00

Lucille LP by Krachwerke is finished

Lucille is finished and sounds lovely. A rich warm vintage tone and also sounds great for heavy overdriven and distotion tones. The sounds is clean and bright and noiseless due to the great pickups that are wax filled and the shielded pod cavity.

Buy it HERE

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