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AmpFister overdrive pedal with Pre-Tone feature. It is designed and built by Sine Effect Electronics.

Allow more sculpting of your distortion and drive tone before the gain stage to allow better sculpting. It is different from using an EQ pedal alone as this EQ tweek only effects the tone from the pedal and after.

We found this pedal to be perfect at what it aims to be, being able to sculpt the tone just before the drive and then into a drive amp head for optimum application.

Taurus Pedals are a small boutique company, located in Northwest Arkansas. Their team consists of electronics prodigy's and musicians. They like to experiment, work hard and "live the dream" by making and testing pedals that make a difference for every musician.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

Joyo California Sound Demo and Review

Joyo California Sound demo and review. The Joyo California is an amazing amp sim for around £30. Please see the video to hear it in action.
Published in Budget Alternatives
Not being the biggest Marshall fan and having used the first Guvnor and a guvnor clone I did not like them. The Plus 2 however I really liked. This is our demo of the Marshall GV-2 Plus. A really nice sounding and built pedal!
Published in Industry News
Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Boo Instruments

BOO Instruments are makers of fine hand made boutique guitar effects and other musical instrument pedals. Our range of guitar effects includes Boost Pedal / Booster, Tremolo Pedal, Overdrive / Distortion, AB Y switcher / ABY pedal, Digital Delay Pedal and many more which will be announced shortly.

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