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Our online shop is now live and we wish to stock boutique effects pedals, amps and custom guitars and/or parts as soon as possible. We are looking for unique, high quality or great value with great tone.
If you are a builder of effects pedals, amps or any other audio related equipment please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Dropship type arrangement
Add your stock to the shop with clear descriptions, good photos and preferably a youtube demo video of relatively good quality or send us the info.
When sold we send you your agreed percentage cut including postage and full details of the sale. You make sure you have the stock and send the parcel to the buyer with a Krachwerke insert and any promo material for yourself.

We hold some stock
Send us a selection of your stock and we take care of the sending for you. When an items gets sold we send you your cut of the funds immediately and deal with the order. If we have the stock we can also do demo videos for the item.

For both options we need to make a price arrangement. We propose a fair 10% fee off the final price excluding shipping and VAT. The supplier has to make sure they price the article in order to make sure they get rewarded for their item.

We are happy to discuss more ideas or suggestions.

We propose the arrangement to include:
Following and promotion of all parties social media, IE retweeting, liking, reposting etc regularly.
Link exchanges on participating members websites.
Decent demo of all products on Krachwerke youtube channel as a minimum.
Interview with the builder/provider. Ideally in person but over skype is also ok.


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