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Monday, 25 May 2020 14:20

A Noise gate is NOT noise reduction

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A quick tutorial to show how to use custom impulse responses with Amplitube and Amplitube4

An overview of the gear used to record Мефистофель (Mephistopheles) by Zreet. We also feature the track 'Mephistopheles'.

Check out our Absolute Beginner Guitar Lessons Series on Youtube

An overview of the gear used to record the Consumer album, Consumer. We also feature the track 'Witchslayer'.

Active pickups are notorious for their hot outputs, and if there was ever a culprit for unwanted distortion, it's active pickups. Er, right...?

Thursday, 16 April 2020 11:11

I don't use PEDALS!

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You don't really need to know anything about electronics to understand this article. It's as simple as looking for shapes in pretty pictures. That's all electronics is, really, and now you're fully-qualified to work for Apple.

Tomorrow our first Gear Overview video premiers on Youtube! Welcome TSO from Italy.

During this time it would be great if you could lend some support. Most obvious income streams are pretty much cooked at the moment. By subscribing/following Krachwerke channels you will…
Does it METAL? - Does Amplitube DOOM/METAL/CHUG Does Amplitube Doom, Metal, Chug or sound like... These are quick videos attempting sounds quickly. No, additional EQ, reverbs or extra tweaking but rather recording directly as the tweaking happens. In this episode we try to achieve a brutal Metal Sound with the Amplitube Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier Red Channel and Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Slanted Oversized cab.

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