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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 22:56

Shure SM57 and Pyle PDMIC78 comparison

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Shure SM57 and Pyle PDMIC78 AB Comparison Shure SM57 and Pyle PDMIC78 AB Comparison

The famous Shure SM57, famous for its decades of reliability in the studio for recording loud things like electric guitar, snare drums etc is being A/B compared to the obviously wanna be Pyle Audio PDMIC78.



Not sure what to make of this video. There are very slight differences in the sound quality. It still feels as if you should get the SM57 for some reason. Maybe, as mentioned in the PDMIC78 demo, these are perfect for backups or live situations where you might worry about your gear.

The PDMIC78 is slightly harsher (brighter is the more accurate description) on the high frequencies and the Shure SM57 is definately warmer. The PDMIC78 is a little louder at the same gain setting.


I would like to hammer them both on full volume in front of cabs to see if they distort and how the frequencies respond then. Hopefull soon :-)

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