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Friday, 30 December 2016 20:22

Aural Dream Purely Fuzz Demo and Review

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Aural Dream Purely Fuzz, a very cheap fuzz pedal I have not yet taken off my pedalboard

A quick look at the Aural Dream Purely Fuzz fuzz pedal with silicone and LED clipping selector. I purchased this pedal for around £20 on Amazon and have not taken it off the pedal board yet. It is not as 'fuzzy' as some but probably more somewhere between an overdrive and a fuzz. The clipping is not as harsh and the LED clipping is very warm and nice. The silicone setting creates some nice harmonic overtones. All in all I love this pedal but if you are searching for a true brutal fuzz I would still suggest the GHEffects Sludgehammer.

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