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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

Joyo US Dream Distortion Effects Pedal demo/review

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Joyo US Dream Joyo US Dream Joyo UK
US Dream review and demo. This is a very straight forward and great sounding distortion pedal. After hearing it in person for the first time doing this demo I do believe it is now my favourite distortion pedal. Our review of the Joyo US Dream Distortion Pedal. Even though not as well built as the Vintage Overdrive it is more than reliable and capable. But its main selling point it its great distortion sound. 

This is a must have pedal at below £30 and you can purchase it in our guitar effects pedal shop.

I would have liked the build quality to feel more like the Ultimate Drive or the Joyo Vintage Overdrive but it is by no means flimsy. The power adapter 9v plug is also at the side behind the input jack which I personally find a bad place of putting them. 

The great features are the sound of this pedal, It grunts like the best of them and the sound is very articulated even on full drive. The tone and volume, like most Joyo pedals are very responsive and have a good range.

From Joyo UK:
"JOYO JF-34 US dream distortion pedal featuring true-bypass wiring, quality components and an efficient circuit design, the JF-34 US dream distortion performs like any other high-end boutique distortion pedal, but has a price point that allows entry level and beginner players to get a taste of this type of pedals expressiveness.

This is one of the most responsive pedals from JOYO Audio and thats just what you can get from the crowd when you have this pedals output matched properly and it clicks in ON to provide subtle but rich harmonic overdrive reaction."

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