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Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Joyo Roll Boost effects Pedal demo and review

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Joyo Roll Boost Joyo Roll Boost

I think this is now my favourite Joyo effects Pedal. It is such a warm and effective clean boost.The boost is also quite strong dialed all the way, easily used a an overdrive, in fact a great sounding overdrive.

The roll boost was added in front of the Joyo California but after the drive pedals in the effects chain. As before the California Sound goes straight into the Marshall Effects Return and acts as the pre-amp section.

I was super impressed with the pedal. It has a great clean boost sound. Driving it also gives it quite a bit of overdrive. It has Centuar Klon tendencies because the drive is so transparent and warm. If you are on a dirty channel with some hot pickups or even clean channel with hot pickups I would prefer this to a tube screamer (yeah flame me now but I really would in after thought.)

Buy the Joyo Roll Boost effects pedal

I would chain it:
Boss ds-1, Joyo US Dream or RAT - into
OCD or Joyo Ultimate Drive - into
Joyo Roll boost, (or Joyo Vintage Drive) - Into

In fact I can set this up, I will hopefull have a demo of this soon. This should give an awesome 3 stage drive setup that is warm and transparent yet has lots of sustain and drive...


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