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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 15:31

Spider III LINE6 15 watt demo and review

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LINE6 Spider 3 15 watt amplifier demo and review LINE6 Spider 3 15 watt amplifier demo and review

The spider III or Spider 3 LINE6 15 Watt amplifer is a fine amp for its price. It is loud and sounds great. It has enough options to get you the sound you want to practice to but as with all small and budget options these presets are never awesome.

The LINE6 Spider 111 amplifiers sound options are ok'ish. They are quick to select and with a quick tweek you will probably be happy with it.

It also boasts an input for CD or mp3 player and a headphone out which according to the manual can also be used to record with, IE, using the out or headphone jack into your recording device as it is supposed to 'amp sim'.

I find this slightly unconvincing but it does sound better than no attempt at amp moduling.

What I like best about the amp is that it is small and sounds good on clean, takes pedals well and is light and quick and easy to use. It is also extremely loud for its size and is quite noiseless. The build quality seems more than fine and I would go as far as saying this is a great reliable practice amp for in the house. If you are not playing hard rock or metal it might even hold its ground in a rehearsal space.

The presets are for clean, rock/dirty/crunch, Metal and insane metal. So clean is described as clean shimmering like U2 streets have no name. Which I can't really agree with. The Crunch is described as 'whole lotta love'y, that to I can't really agree with. The metal channel is ok and the insane channels is well... insane. These are actually qite usable.

I prefer to use the line6 spider 3 amplifer on the clean channel with no drive or effects and drive it with pedals. It sounds much more convincing that way. It also has effects such as Phaser/chorus, flanger, Tremolo, reverb, echo delay etc. The only one here that I find usefull is the reverb to fatten up the sound a wee bit. The others have too few paramaters that can be toggled for them to be usefull.

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