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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

MESA/Boogie CabClone

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MESA/Boogie CabClone TM MESA/Boogie CabClone TM MESA/Boogie

It will get pretty clear I am a MESA/Boogie fan for so many reasons and although this blog is supposed to be handbuilt/boutique instrument haven, I can't help myself to now and then throw stuff in that I really like. This is one of them. I am also sure that when it comes to MESA/Boogie you will forgive me for adding. They make awesome stuff. Second reason I am sharing this is because I like things that are good and make life easier. I am NOT a purist, I only care about things that are good and work.

"The NEW CABCLONETM - Cabinet Simulator with Built-In Amp Load & Headphone Output
The CABCLONETM is a passive Cabinet Simulator/Speaker+Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load. It provides a direct interface of your guitar amp’s Speaker Output to the input of a mixing console, microphone preamp or even direct to your converters (recorder) with or without the need for a speaker cabinet. It’s also a Compensated Headphone Driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling headphone-friendly version of your amp’s Tone that’s perfect for late night practice sessions or anytime you want to play without others listening." - MESA/Boogie CabClone website

"The exceptionally toneful and direct recording circuit AND the built-in speaker load allows you to use the CabClone for silent, direct recording with your favorite amp, or -- via the THROUGH jack -- you can capture the direct signal while powering your favorite cabinet at the same time. Capturing BOTH the CabClone Direct signal AND mic'ing your cabinet provides real world possibilities in recording environments for blending and varied mic techniques. It also offers options for live playing, whether you need to play 'cab-less' (direct) or you want both a direct sound AND a mic'd sound for your monitors, in-ear monitors or Front of House.

And last but definitely not least, the HEADPHONES Output allows you to enjoy the sonic shaping and great feel of the CabClone's DIRECT BALANCED OUT through a set of quality headphones for silent playing with your favorite amplifier. At last, you can play through your amp (big or little) "silently" late at night when the rest of the world is asleep and still enjoy your favorite tones that beautiful and real amp bounce & feel. Add some Delay and Reverb in your amp's Loop and you'll be lost in a world of fat, rich, expressive guitar-bliss for hours." - MESA/Boogie Youtube Channel

Some creat CabClone videos and sound samples:

CABCLONETM - Cabinet Simulator with Internal Amp Load & Headphone Output

Designed and Handcrafted in Petaluma, California, USA
Passive Design - No Power Supply Required
Built-In Internal Amp Load FOR AMPS RATED 100 WATTS OR LESS (auto-activates when no cable is connected to "Thru" Output)
1/4" "Input" Jack (receives signal from amp's speaker output)
1/4" "Thru" Output Jack (defeats to Internal Load when no cable is connected)

3-Position Cabinet Voicing Switch - Open-Back, Closed-Back & Vintage Closed-Back Cabinet Simulations
Variable -30 to +4db DI Output Level Control with presets for Dynamic Mic Level (-30db), Instrument Level (-10db) & Line Level (+4db)
Balanced XLR Direct Output (controlled by the Variable DI Output Level Control)

Independent 1/4" +4 Line Level "Slave" Output Jack (exact signal from amp's speaker output, non-simulated)
Compensated Headphone Output Jack (defeats balanced outputs when used)
Phase Switch - Normal (In) or Reverse (180°)
Ground Lift Switch
Removable Tilt-Back Stand (for use over an amp handle)

4 Ohm - For amps rated 100 watts or less
8 Ohm (standard) - For amps rated 100 watts or less
16 Ohm - For amps rated 100 watts or less

Dimensions (W/D/H): 6.7" x 6.40" x 2.30" without tilt-back stand (3.30" with tilt back stand) 170.18mm x 162.56mm x 58.42mm without tilt-back stand (83.82" with tilt back stand)
Weight: 2.3lbs (1.04Kg) WITH Tilt-Back Stand
/ 2.2lbs (.998Kg) WITHOUT Tilt-Back Stand 

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MESA/Boogie CabClone MESA/Boogie

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