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Monday, 26 August 2019 11:39

Impulse Responses and Convolution Reverbs from Krachwerke Featured

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IR and Convolution Reverbs IR and Convolution Reverbs

We have a great selection of IR for cab simulation ready for your enjoyment. We took our time with these to get the clearest and most perfect cab Impulse Responses for you.

Visit our IR and Speaker Cab Sims HERE

We have a great variety of amazing sounding speaker cab simulations for guitar and bass. These can be easily applied within your DAW via an IR Loader. 
Impulse Responses created using a great guitar recording technique:
1x SM57 on cone
1x SM57 at angle with cone
1x ribbon off-axis
These are blended for a ballanced tone.
No reverb, delay, EQ or compression employed. Just the dry sound to allow it to be flexible in your mix.

You will require and IR Loader. You can get a great free version from Rosen Digital:
IR Loader from Rosen Digital/Lancaster Audio
Or try Two Notes:

These IR's can also be used with any Amp Sim or Cab sim that has the ability to load custom IR's like Re-vavler, Two-Notes, LePou, BIAS etc.

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