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Tuesday, 19 November 2019 12:04

LooperEYE loop station - Camera Controlled

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LooperEYE Looper Pedal LooperEYE Looper Pedal

Another Glasgow company is making some really great stuff. A looper pedal that does not use a switch.

looperEYE® is a fully-featured loop station combining the power and flexibility of a DAW with the portability and convenience of a looper pedal. It replaces physical switches by combining an integrated camera with state-of-the-art image tracking. The operation of looperEYE® is standalone, there is no need to connect any additional equipment, giving you all the flexibility and power of a software solution in a portable, compact, lightweight and durable case. It supports guitar, bass guitar or any other musical instrument with an electric pickup or microphone. It also includes an embedded synthesiser with dozens of instruments that you can control either with your feet, from a mobile app, or by USB MIDI devices like keyboards and pads.
 - LooperEYE Website

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