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Friday, 14 August 2020 09:58

Distorted Senses out now Featured

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Proud to announce the latest single including video is out now! 
Distorted Senses

Distorted Senses by Krachwerke

If you are interested to see how this track was recorded, mixed and mastered please check out the full series here on Youtube

Thanks for watching. For the nerds in the room please check out my series on rcording, mixing and mastering using this track. This can be found here:

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Distorted Senses video by Krachwerke

Music and video by Krachwerke Music Copyright

Check out the full and final track on all streaming services:

Distorted Senses on Spotify
Krachwerke - Distorted Senses on Spotify

Krachwerke on Spotify
Krachwerke on Spotify

Distorted Senses on iTunes
Distorted Senses on iTunes

Youtube Music
Distorted Senses and Krachwerke on Youtube Music

Visit the release page here:
Distorted Senses by Krachwerke Release Page

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