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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 13:25

Herrscherin one knob fuzz Featured

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Herrscherin one knob fuzz Herrscherin one knob fuzz

We introduce the dirty brutal Herrscherin Fuzz.

The Herrscherin is a high gain fuzz pedal with lots of dynamics and drit. 

All Krachwerke Effects Pedals are handbuilt from scratch in Scotland.

Purchase them here:
Krachwerke Shop

We have written a full 4 track EP to go with the launch of these pedals. All tracks used the Herrscherin One Knob Fuzz for the rhythm sound. Aufstand des Volkes used the Torc Mor Overdrive Distortion pedal for Rhythm. All harmonies and leads were the Torc Mor.

I also used my own Impulse Responses, please check them out here:
2021 All you need IR Pack by Krachwerke

Listen to the album on Spotify:

Listen to the album on Youtube:

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