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Monday, 19 July 2021 15:04

Win the Herrscherin one-off one knob fuzz Featured

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Here is an opportunity to win the One-Off unique enclosure design Herrscherin one-knob fuzz pedal by Krachwerke.

By entering you have the chance to win this pedal and the original artwork. Competition ends on Sunday 8 August and the winning draw will be done on Monday 9 August 2021.

One-Off Enclosure design
and artwork

Please enter the competition HERE:
Krachwerke Online Shop

or HERE:

Buy tickets on 'Buy Me a Coffee'


When you enter you will receive a digital image which acts as your ticket. The winner will be randomly chosen from the ticket buyers here and on Buymeacoffee.

Please make sure you add your contact information and check your email and social media.

You can find all the sound demos of the pedal at or alternatively listen to the latest EP Königlich​ by Krachwerke. This album was recorded using the Herrscherin Fuzz for rhythm as well as our own Impulse Responses which you can also purchase here.

We are very proud of the Herrscherin, a unique, character rich and full sounding fuzz with lots of dynamics.

Please like, subscribe and support us on Social Media. Many thanks for your support.​

Herrscherin Fuzz

Herrscherin Fuzz

Herrscherin Fuzz

Herrscherin Fuzz

Herrscherin Fuzz

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