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Monday, 28 February 2022 11:10

Support Krachwerke Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Featured

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Krachwerke Pedals Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Krachwerke Pedals Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Helmut Watterott

I have started a fundraising campaign for Krachwerke Pedals on Indiegogo

Who is Krachwerke?

Krachwerke is a project by Helmut Watterott which incorporates Guitar Pedals, Music, Youtube Content and Audio Recording. Over the last year my love for guitar, creating guitar tones and guitar gear has pushed me to make original guitar effects pedals. The combination of guitar effects, original tones, music, art (enclosure design) and messing with electronics has made me realise that this pursuit is not just as a hobby but a great business and community to be part of.

Why Support Krachwerke?
This campaign is about growing the business and injecting some cash yet delivering great and unique sounding guitar effects pedals or merchandise. 

Krachwerke Pedals is now just about 1 year old and it is time to go full throttle.

We have sold a good amount of pedals until now but have been using the last month to launch a new range and actively promote the pedals.

Any purchase is a validation to us and a potential for word of mouth promotion.

What We Need & What You Get

Funding goes directly to building the business, parts, advertising and cash flow. There is no set amount limit (that we require) because every fund will go directly to a product that the funder will receive.

The perks your funding are physical or digital items that we hope you will enjoy for years to come. 

In case we don’t hit the £10 000 target we will still have made a good advancement in growing the business and reaching new customers.

The Impact of your support

Your support of this project will not only support the growth of Krachwerke but also raise more awareness and aid as marketing. 

An increase in sales and market reach.

Industry awareness.

Vital cash flow which goes directly to parts, R&D and producing more stock.

Cash flow that will put us into a situation that we can employ and move into better promises.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you wish to help and support Krachwerke but don’t wish (or need a pedal) there are many ways to help and support.

Donate a small amount

Share this campaign to anyone you think might be interested

Like/Share/Subscribe to Krachwerke Social Media channels:

Or purchase directly from my online shop:

Buy me a coffee:

Check out the Demos of the pedals here:

DMB Boost Pedal and the Torc Mòr Distortion

Herrscherin V1 Fuzz

Herrscherin V3 Fuzz

Torc Mòr Dirty Distortion

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