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Sunday, 29 May 2022 09:54

New gig and recording pedalboard setup Featured

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New Pedal Board Day!
New Pedal Board Setup and Build - Gig Rig

This new board build was sparked by the receipt of 4 donner pedals for demo and review, these reviews will follow shortly.

This was built around my own pedalboard needs using an old pedalboard I built years ago as a test.

Also on the board:
Donner Dumbal Drive
Donner Island Looper
Donner Circle Looper
Donner VintaVerb

Buy Donner Products here:
Donner Music guitar Pedals

Cab Impulse Responses Used:
Krachwerke All You Need Impulse Responses 2021

My own Krachwerke Pedals on the Board:
Krachwerke Dirty Boost Drive
Herrscherin V3 one-knob fuzz
Get them here:
Krachwerke Boost and Fuzz Pedals

Is the most valuable thing you can do for a growing YouTube channel...
Krachwerke Youtube Channel

Buy my music, pedals and other cool stuff here :-)
Krachwerke Guitar Pedals Online Shop

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