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How to article relating to Effects pedal building, modding, guitar cusomisiation and setup and more.

Saturday, 04 February 2023 22:28

Get massive stereo with your guitar rig

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How to get a massive stereo guitar sound

Making the Valeton GP-200 the centre piece of you pedalboard. The Valeton GP-200 is a very powerful and useful digital multi-effects pedal with good guitar amp simulation and guitar cab simulation. In this video I show one scenario of makine the Valeton GP-200 the centre piece of your pedalboard for flexibility and consitency.

Check out this video on how to import (and export) patches and impulse responses for the Valeton GP-200

Check out the stereo pedalboard setup using some of the Donner Guitar Effects Pedals

Drum recording does not have to be difficult or expensive, this video tutorial hopes to show that getting a great drum sound is possible with limited funds, experience and space.

How to dial in your guitar amp to get the tone you want
Wednesday, 10 June 2020 10:26

Gear Review Episode 4 - BAND - DRAGUNOV

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Gear Review Episode 4 - BAND DRAGUNOV
DRAGUNOV is a guitar and drums duo creating a soviet, dark, infectious, apocalyptic and instrumental post metal right on the edge of doom.

A quick video to explain and show how to order your effects pedals on your guitar effects pedal boards.

Does it Slipknot? - Does Amplitube DOOM/METAL/Sound Like - Slipknot

Monday, 25 May 2020 14:20

A Noise gate is NOT noise reduction

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A quick tutorial to show how to use custom impulse responses with Amplitube and Amplitube4

An overview of the gear used to record Мефистофель (Mephistopheles) by Zreet. We also feature the track 'Mephistopheles'.

Check out our Absolute Beginner Guitar Lessons Series on Youtube

An overview of the gear used to record the Consumer album, Consumer. We also feature the track 'Witchslayer'.

Tomorrow our first Gear Overview video premiers on Youtube! Welcome TSO from Italy.

This article is a quick info on how to set up your guitar, interface and DI in order to record a great DI track and then apply an amp sim like Amplitube or BIAS or any other amp/cab sim. This article will focus on a few different setup option and the differences between them.

Thursday, 21 February 2019 15:24

How to record your amp via DI Box

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A quick video to illustrate how to record YOUR amp to your day with a DI box. The DI box used is the Behringer DI100 and we are running the speaker out straight into the DI box. This records the amp with power amp signal to the DAW via the DI. This allows you to add your own IR's or speaker sims to the signal.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 17:08

Recording a natural DI guitar track

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How do you record a clean and clear guitar signal through a DI Box and still get an organic performance.

Please have a look at the video to hear the guitar in action. The clean pieces are played on the neck pickup and so are the rythm crunch tones. The lead is played on the bridge on a high gain setting with some reverb.

The final product ready for inspection. This guitar is looking great.

A quick video to show the cleaning of the hardware. Please check the cleaning fluids here on small pieces of your hardware before you follow these instructions.

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