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Monday, 08 June 2015 19:52

Guitar rebuild part 01 - Guitar details and stripdown

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Over the next months I will be reviving an old westfield guiter (note no caps on westfiled, just doesn't deserver it). This is the first video to introduce the project.

Krachwerke started with the hobby of taking cheap or broken guitars and making them worth something and selling them. This is possible because most cheap guitars are at heart a good guitar but the last 10% in the building process has been neglected. Mainly the quality control and the final finishing. Obviously the hardware has a tendency to also be short-cutted.

The guitar in question is a westfield and has been purchased for £15 from a lassy via gumtree. The body is of plywood!!!, the machine tuners are awefull, the electrics have already been thrown away as they are useless and the frets worn.

The plus points are that the neck is good an straight and the bridge is pretty ok.

My plan is to fix the neck and the frets first and adding new tuners.

Then tackle the body with fresh and clean paintwork and then add a new scrathplate loaded with hotrails.

I will buy budget alternatives (pickups especially) becuase after discovering the body to be plywood I do not want to risk huge expenses.

The items I intend to buy have great reviews on amazon and this will also serve as a test of these items. More info to follow in the next series.

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