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Thursday, 25 June 2015 21:02

Guitar rebuild part 02 - The guitar parts that we are going to use

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Guitar parts used for our project Guitar parts used for our project

Video two of our guitar rebuild project. In this video we just show the parts we intend to use.

The parts including the neck and body were all purchased for under £50. The guitar was in a terrible state so all but the bridge, neck and body is being kept. Although the parts were cheap they were all carefully selected after having read the reviews. The only items we feel might not be up to scratch are the tuners which seem a bit too cheap. They are also designed for 7mm holes and not the usual 10mm. This will need to be addressed.

The electrics is a pre-built harnass for an HH two tone and one volume 500k pots setup.

New scratchplate too to accept two humbuckers.



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