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Friday, 26 June 2015 08:46

Guitar rebuild part 03 - Cleaning the fret board and using the truss rod to straighten the neck

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Guitar rebuild project part 3, Fret and fret board cleaning and straightening the neck

The Fret board was very dirty. This was cleaned with thinners. Any liquid that evaporates and leaves no deposit of its own is ok to use. Just check it does not damage or discolour the wood.

The truss rod was then used to straighten the neck before any fret leveling or other fret work is attempted.

The neck is in great shape, suprisingly. It is straight, the trus rod reacts well and turns smooth.


The neck is very nice, it just needed a clean and because some of the frets are worn the whole lot of them need leveling. Before they can be levelled the neck needs straightened using the truss rod. 

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