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Friday, 25 September 2015 10:48

Guitar Rebuild Part 06 - Guitar wiring and electronics, scratchplate/pickguard and killswitch

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A look at the guitar electronics and pickup wiring, the scratchplate/pickguard and the installed killswitch.

The humbuckers are value humbuckers with cover plates. These are pottet to reduce the microphic tendencies of covered pickups. The humbucker ohm values are 8K for the neck and 12K for the bridge. The humbuckers only had two wires so no ability to coilsplit or other fancy wiring.

The configuration is 1 volume, 1 tone (treble bleed only), threeway switch, HH and a killswitch which disengages the hot wire from the guitar input.

The whole wiring has been tested in two ways:
Taking readings with a multimeter to make sure all paths are functional
Pluging the harnas into an amp and tapping the pickups with a metal object.

The latter will find hums or noises and also the tapping will show how microphonic the covered humbuckers might be. There us a distinct ring and brightness if the pickups tend to be microphonic. If that is the case then they will need to be re-pottet.

All solder joints were checked and all loose wires are taped to the bottom of the scratchplate. The scratchplate is well isolated by a fairly large metal foil section to shield against electromagnetic interference.


2 humbucher wiring diagram with killswitch


2 humbucker pickguard layout


2 humbucker in strat wiring


guitar killswitch

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