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Monday, 05 October 2015 20:24

Guitar Rebuild Part 09 - Getting the body ready for spray paint

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Preparing guitar body for spray painting Preparing guitar body for spray painting

The dents, bumps, holes and scrathces in body of the guitar have been dealt with in the previous section. Now the fillers need to be sanded down and the suface needs to be prepared to accept the spray paint.

We are using standard spray paint and we will leave a thin layer of the original coating. In some cases spraypaint lacquer as a tendency to not dry properly (stay sticky for months) if used directly on wood even with proper undercoat.

The surface also needs to be lightly abrased or scuffed so the spraypaint takes as best as possible. We have tested the spray paint we are going to use with the previous coating and it takes well but it is advised that if you follow the same method to please check if the spray or lacquer you choose to use takes well on the previous coat.

You can get very fancy and expensive with guitar coatings but the standard paints tend to work well. What is more important is patients and sticking to a method. This layers, waiting for layer to dry well, sanding flat and then clear-coating at the end.

A few things to get to grips with:

Wet sanding

Spraying in layers


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