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Tuesday, 25 February 2020 10:55

How to setup your DI and Interface to record guitar DI tracks

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Seting up your DI and Interface for great guitar tone Seting up your DI and Interface for great guitar tone

This article is a quick info on how to set up your guitar, interface and DI in order to record a great DI track and then apply an amp sim like Amplitube or BIAS or any other amp/cab sim. This article will focus on a few different setup option and the differences between them.

DI setup 1
Guitar Straight into your audio interface. This is the quickest most eay way to connect your guitar for dorect recording into your daw. Just make sure you use the right input and input setting. The interface will have a selection between 'LINE' and 'INST' (instrument). I would be careful lining out from your pedal board this way as the output might be too hot for the interface.
guitar into audio interface

DI setup 2
As above but you add the DI box between your interface and guitar or pedalboard. Use your DI attenuation pads to make sure the input is not too hot. Most DI's are either powered with a 9v battery or by your interface phantom power.
guitar into di then interface

DI setup 3
As above but use the link line and plug that into your amp. This way you have the benefit of playing through the amp and getting all the feel from playing through an amp but the signal is recorded directly from the guitar or pedalboard.
guitar into di, amp and interface

DI setup 4
Instead of putting the line from the guitar or pedalboard you loop the guitar FX loop send and recieve into your DI. This way you are recording your amps pre-amp and you can audition yourself through the amp.
guitar amp preamp into di then audio interface

DI setup 5
If your amp or head has a speaker out use that to and line it directly into the DI box. This way you will record the amps pre-amp and power amp and just have to apply a cab simulator or IR. Please check amp specs and DI specs and make sure the inputs are properly padded as the power amp puts a lot of watts through. Always make sure there is a proper load on the power amp. Usually you use the slave.
guitar power amp into di then audio interface

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