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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 22:21

Gear Overview Episode 1, live and recording - Band is TSO and the album Hearth

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TSO Hearth album Gear Oveview TSO Hearth album Gear Oveview

Tomorrow our first Gear Overview video premiers on Youtube! Welcome TSO from Italy.

TSO - Hearth Album
How was it made series Episode 1

We look at the album 'Hearth' by TSO from Italy

The music video was the song 'Icarus' from that album.

Band Members:
Andrea Abbrescia
Marco Abbrescia
Federico Seraffini
Sebastiano Belli

Hometown:, Italy

Record Label:
IRMA Records

About the band:
TSO is a power trio from North-East of Italy who plays sludge/ rock blues/ alternative rock.

Founded in 2013
Their debut album «In-sanity» has been published by Irma Records in February 2016.

The album’s six compositions remind the sound of bands such as Alice in Chains and Neurosis.
TSO also love the music from: QOTSA; Nirvana, Soundgarden, King Crimson, 70’s progressive music and 90’s grunge, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Beatles…

«In-sanity» is a concept album about the borderline situation of the great majority of people, who always have to struggle between what is socially approved (but, sometimes, deeply insane such as the illusion that happiness can be bought with money) and the real needs of a human being (and music and art are among them). In a crazy world, who is mentally ill and who is not? Sometimes it’s not easy to tell.
A great passion for something, such as the unconditional love for music can save many souls. Or, at least, can help to make life less bitter.

Human frailty is here described with visceral abandon, so darkness turned into pure realism.

On Social Media and streaming services

On their label IRMA Records Official

For recording the album Hearth

The album was recorded live on ProTools, at "Il Motore Dell' Auto" in Udine, Italy, by Andrea Rigonat, all four of us in the same room: drums, bass and guitars. Vocals, violin, and some overdubs has been made later.

Guitars and bass went straight into radial DI box, we eventually reamped.

The bass sound is made with a 1996 Fender Jazz bass made in Mexico, only neck pick up has been used, which is a copy of 60 custom shop. Reamped into a 1974 Ampeg V4B combined with Marshall 4x12 cab, speakers are Rola Celestion G12-80. Distorted sound is made with a Fulltone Fuzz

In the live recording Andrea used his Telecaster Thinline reissue equipped with Seymour Duncan Distortion, Federico used his Gibson Studio SG equipped with Seymour Duncan JB.

Most solos were made with a 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom owned by the studio.
Some overdubs were recorded with a Gretsch Duo Jet owned by Filippo Vano, the Studio Assistant.

To reamp guitars we had our amps, a 1977 Fender Twin Reverb, the circuit is modified into a 60's blackface 85 watts, equipped with jensen speakers, and a 1978 Ampeg V2 head, 40 watts.

We used "Diezel (100 watts)" and "Divided by 13 (30 watts)" tube heads that were at the studio, so there's a lot of different guitar sounds in the album.

The cool thing was that every head was running through a signal combiner (i don't remember the brand) so we had the chance to listen to guitar parts through every head and choose the best for every songs.

A GLB 4x12 guitar cabinet (manufactured in Italy) was used, equipped with Celestion V30s,

Andrea used Lovetone Big Cheese, a really cool fuzz, for both rhythm and solos.
Most of the rhythm distortion of the Ampeg V2 were made with a Diezel VH4 pedal.
We used a bunch of other pedals from the studio, I don't remember brands and models, but most parts were made with what i wrote before.

….Yeeees!!! There are 20 seconds of 2 doubled Acoustic guitars in the song "Shining" on the bridge, it's Andrea's Sigma 000-15, and a Gibson Jumbo from the Studio.

The Drums was a DW Finish Ply (Maple) 24x18", 14x14", 18x18" - Kick Skin: Powerstroke 3 coated - Toms Skins: Emperor coated
Snare a steel Ludwig Supraphonic 14x6.5 - Controlled Sound REMO Skin
Cymbals: All Paiste
Hi Hat: Alpha Rock - 15"
Crash: Alpha Rock - 20"
Crash: 2002 - 20"
Ride: 2002 - 22"
Kick pedal: DW 5000 Double Chain

Ribera R47 MKI (copy of Telefunken ELA M251E): vocals, acoustic guitars, drums front
Neumann M149: mono drums room, violin room, vocals
Neumann KM184: overheads, stereo drums room
Sennheiser MD421: bass, toms, guitars
Sennheiser MD441: ride
Shure 57: snare top and bottom, bass, guitars
Beyer Dynamic M160: snare top, guitars
Audio Technica AT405OST: guitars
Shure Beta 52: kick, bass
Shure Beta 91: kick in

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