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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 18:24

Gear Overview Episode 2 - Consumer - Consumer EP

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An overview of the gear used to record the Consumer album, Consumer. We also feature the track 'Witchslayer'.

Many thanks to Consumer for their time and support
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Consumer Gear overview

About the band
Consumer is a blackened sludge metal band born in 2018 in the harsh wastelands of Catania, Sicily, Italy.
The three-piece blends all of the influences already shown in other projects in which the members are involved - Fordomth, Torpore, Nerobove, BuiOmegA - resulting in a stifling mixture of sludge and black/death metal. Heavy and riff-driven music, dizzy breakdowns and furious blastbeats, self-blaming and bad habits: that's all you need.
The band's first single "Solicitous" has been released on November 25, 2019.

The band’s self-titled debut EP has been released on April 3, 2020 via Fresh Outbreak Records, Mother Ship, Impeto Records, Boned Factory, Nut Records.

Band Members
Martino Razza - Vocals / Bass
Federica Sapuppo - Guitars
Francesco Ciccio Paladino - Drums

Song featured is Witchslayer from the Consumer Album - Consumer

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Classic Pro
Earthquakes Devices Palisades
Darkglass B7K Ultra
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Green Russian Reissue
Boss BF-2B
Harley Benton Powerplant Junior
Ampeg SVT2 Pro
Ampeg SVT HLF410 Classic

Sunn Concert Bass (silverface)
Abominable Electonics Hail Satan stacked with BOSS OD-1

Drum gear & recording
In this record I used my standard kit – Sonor Essential Force Stage S (birch) – whose main characteristic is to feature a deep sounding 22x20 bass drum. Generally I prefer to use a low tuning, which fits perfectly with the sound of Consumer. The exception lies in my snare – Mapex Black Widow with thick Aquarian drumhead. I tried to set an higher tuning, so that it could pierce the low sounds and be audible in the faster parts.

My cymbals are clear and high-pitched. The main series is Turkish Moderate (HH, ride and 16” crash) plus a 20” Paiste Signature crash and a 20” Sabian HHX china. Special guest is a very cool Paiste 2002 6” Accent cymbal, whose bell-like sound can be heard here and there throughout the record. I tried to deliver a contrast between the deep sound of the drums and the explosive sound of cymbals and snare.
Drums have been fully miked in a standard way. In the process of recording, editing and mixing of the drums we conveyed all the reverbs, ambiences and spaces the genre requires trying to avoid post-production and effects, relying only on the natural sounds of low tuned drums with lots of deep harmonics. Highlight: our sound engineer Giacomo miked an actual garden water pipe, using it as a third ambience microphone. This gave many nuances to the result.

Rec details
Consumer Ep has been recorded and mixed by Giacomo Iannaci at Morning View Studio, small home studio located right under volcano Etna, in Sicily. We decided to record in separate sessions as usual. All the tracking sessions took four days to be completed. Drums have been recorded following a guide bass track with click and some of the vocals on it, except for the feedback outro in “Solicitous” which has been played instinctively. Then came guitars, bass and vocals. The whole band has attended all the recording process, so that everyone could contribute in the creative and technical making of the record.

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