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Friday, 07 November 2014 00:00

Wilkinson Zerba pickup wiring diagram

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Wilkinson Zebra pickups wiring diagram Wilkinson Zebra pickups wiring diagram Seymour Duncan wiring diagram and Krachwerke

A while ago I customised my old Fender Strat copy to a HH configuration. I got myself the Wilkinson Zebra humbuckers which I must add are absolutely brilliant. The wires on the Wilkinson were different colours though so the wiring gave me a headache. I got this sorted and decided to share this diagram as Wilkinson pickups are regularly purchased and I am guessing many people might have the same question I did.

In the image the Seymour Duncam HH humbucker wiring diagram is kept in as they tend to use the common colours for their wires. You can use these to compare with your own setup.

The two Wilkinsons in a HH Fender Start config is probably my favourite sound so far. I am a Gibson convert but mainly because I dislike single coils with a passion. Anyone wanting to HH their Strat, this is a great way to go and is fairly easy to achieve. The Wilkinson Zebras are around £30 and you can pickup preloaded HH Start scratch plates for around £15. This means you dump or re-sell the shitty humbuckers that are on the pre-loaded scratch plate and replace them with the Zebra.




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