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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

Mic placement on guitar amplifier cab and the effects on the frequency response

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A quick show and tell on Microphone placement on guitar amplifier cab and the effects on the frequency response. How the sound changes depending on where the microphone is placed in front of the guitar amp speaker and a quick look at the different microphones usually used like a condenser and a dynamic microphone and how these are typically blended to get the desired tone.
This demo is done in Amplitube3 because it does a great job at simulating the cab, amp, effects and mic sounds and is much easier to setup and show in comparison to the real live thing :-) 

It is quite dramatic how the mic placement in front of the cabinet changes the tone of the recording. You can get away with just a shure sm57 in front of the cone but if you start experimenting with the angle and the left/right position from the cone you might just find a sweet spot. Remember that it is better to try and capture a great tone and signal first and not have to do too much EQ and editing later, no matter how tempting it might be.

Then blending it with another mic which has different characteristics and placement give you more options in the mix, again without having to actually try and manipulate your original signal too much.

There are many amp simulators out now with great tone and accuracy. I have Amplitube3 and so use it but the others work great too. I would argue that there are better ones than IK Amplitube. BUT the real fun is doing this in the studio hands on. Just be aware that when you are hunting for the sweet spot or in a room with a 4x12 cab you must take caution and protect your ears at all cost. These things will destroy your eardrums if not carefull.
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