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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

Facts and thoughts about playing guitar and being a guitarist

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The guitar is easy to play but hard to play well. If you want to play exceptionally well get ready to practice a few hours a day for years. Only pussies stop playing because their fingers start bleeding.


Just because you can play the intro to sweet child of mine does not make you the lead guitarist... Even if the other dude can't even play that. That only means there are two shitty rhythm guys in your band, on par with bassists.

Having an ornamental classical or acoustic guitar in the corner of your lounge or bedroom does not make you a guitarist.

Even if you are an awesome 'shredder' (hate that word!), it does not mean you are licensed to be the loudest at gigs or rehearsal.

Your standard single coil Fender sucks, it sounds thin and shit and is only designed for people who are also prone to marry their sisters/mothers etc. How the strat or squier ever became such an icon I don't know. So don't buy one unless you are gona mod it with humbucker, cool rails or hot rails.

The following things DON'T make you a good guitarist
  • Fucking around with your tuning 
  • A rediculously overpacked pedalboard
  • A pedalboard with boutique pedals
  • A 7, 8 or any 'more than 6 strings' guitar
  • Turning up the volume, and then some more
  • A Boss Metal Zone pedal
  • Having more than one guitar
  • A Capo (in fact I think this makes you a loser?)
  • An Ibanez Steve Vai or Joe Satriani model
  • Noodling (long noodling leeds might be hard to learn and take some skill but in most cases it doesn't actually add to the song. If not it just makes you a dick)

Basic Requirements:
  • A half decent guitar
  • A guitar that is in tune
  • Being able to tune the guitar
  • Chorus, Delay and Overdrive Pedal
  • A band (what is the point of playing by yourself?)
  • An amp
  • A friend who can't play guitar but wants to play (someone you can show off to and makes you feel good)

The price of your guitar has no relation to your skill either.

No matter what your skill level as a guitarist you are far superior to everyone else in your band. Please accept that with some humility and don't be a dick about it.
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