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Saturday, 28 March 2015 21:53

Sludge Hammer effects pedal Killer Fuzz demo and review

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Sludge Hammer fuzz by Green House Effects Sludge Hammer fuzz by Green House Effects

Throw your shitty fuzz pedal in the bin and get the Sludge Hammer. This pedal has made all others obsolete!

Greenhouse Effects hand built effects pedals are a rare breed of quality and sound. Of all the boutique and commercial pedals I have handeld these feel like a leap beyond the usual care and attention to detail and quality. The case is full metal and of a design I have not seen. The switches and pods work and feel lovely and the designs are fairly unique.

'A boiling couldron of thick textured Fuzz tones, to fullfill your darkest tonal desires.' - Greenhouse's own description.

Buy the Sludge Hammer FUZZ Distortion Pedal

- Harmonically rich Fuzz
- Extreme Tonal versatility
- Vintage / Modern voicing selector switch
- True Bypass


The Sludgehammer has its inputs and outputs including the 9v power supply plug in the front. I am happy with that. I prefer them in the front. For a full pedal board this probably offers the most versatile arrangement options.

The most important feature of this pedal is as with all other pedals, its sound. This pedal is obviously aimed at the sludge, doom, stoner metal player. And in this department it sounds like an earthshaker. The tone is deep, full and harmonically rich. The sounds is crystal clear, no hissing, fizzing or any other noise other than the clear clipping sound of a fuzz. For such a high gain pedal this is like witchcraft.

Because the pedal has the modern and vintage voicing I would highly recommend any Fuzz pedal lover to get one of these. The 'body' and 'tone' dials further aid you in achieving a variety or fuzz tones. They sound insanely good and are very rich. All other fuzz pedals can be shoved into the trash cause this is the one.

Please view the video about this pedal. The tune was supposed to be a faster more metal type number. But Sludgehammer pedal literally inspired me to tune the guitar down to D and drop C its ass. I slowed down the tempo and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. No doubt the pedal and its 'witchcraft' had a lot to do with the mood of this tune. The version of the tune on the video is not mastered and has no eq or post effects applied at all. This is to allow the sledgehammer tone to be as true to original as possible.

"Instead of trying to emulate a classic amp, I've designed a pedal that covers a lot of ground and enables you to dial your own tone using your amp. Weather it is a solid state combo or a big tube amp, the Sludge hammer will turn the clean channel of an amp into a formidable riff-worthy beast.

Gain ranges from medium gain crunch up to an uncompromising wall of sound. At higher gain settings the distortion gets slightly loose and fuzzy." - GreenHouse


About Greenhouse Effects
Greenhouse effects is a small boutique effects pedal company Bringing you an efficient tool capable of excelling at several fields in a compact & simple to use slick little package. A lot of thought, work and love have been put in each pedal from design to assembly. Greenhouse effects deliver an unorthodox sonic attitude that will make YOU stand out.

Check out their website:

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Guitars recorded using the Sludge Hammer


 gh effects sludge hammer fuzz

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green house effects sludge hammer fuzz

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