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Friday, 03 April 2015 14:55

Greenhouse Effects Nobrainer Rock Distortion Pedal

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Greenhouse Effects Nobrainer distortion demo and review Greenhouse Effects Nobrainer distortion demo and review

A brutal yet versatile distortion pedal by Greenhouse Effects. Exceptional build quality and great sounding distortion. The emphasis is on high gain values but low noise floors and in this pedals it is achieved perfectly.
You can buy the NoBrainer Distortion pedal here

This is what I like about the boutique pedals. Some of the builders take their time to design some very clever ciicuitry. Greenhouse pedals strive for headroom, transparancy and low noise. With the Nobrainer Distortion this is very much what you get. But what is suprsising is that you still have it at full gain.

The responses of the knobs are great and make a huge tonal impact. This pedals has a volume, gain, tone and mids knob. All works as expected but the mids knob helps boost the tone up, especially good for leads or occasions where you need to cut through a bit.

The combination of these tone controls makes this pedal great for rock and all the way to bone crunching metal. The cleanes of the tone regardless of the amount of drive is to me the biggest plus. Even though it is so clean it still allows you to get some very nice feedback and ocsillation.

The pedals are built like tanks and the enclosures have a different design to what I am used to.

All in all an amazing sounding and quality (hand) built stompbox from Greenhouse Effects.

nobrainer distortion effects pedal by greenhouse handbuilt effects

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