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Friday, 03 April 2015 15:23

Greenhouse Effects Self Titled modular effects pedal

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Self-Titled modular effects pedal by Greenhouse Effects Self-Titled modular effects pedal by Greenhouse Effects

Greenhouse effects have a modular effects pedal. We had a look at the modular system and it has impressed. The idea is that you buy the 'Self Titled' pedal which is in effect an enclosure which then takes effects modules. The enclosure is built in the same quality and tank-like fashion as the other pedals by Greenhouse Effects. It has three dials on the top and all the plugs and circuitry to facilitate the modular effect that will be plugged in.

Opening the enclosure is a fairly easy task and the box comes with the tools provided to open the enclosure. The card then slots easily into the base provided.

We had the pleasure of trying both the distortion and the tremolo. To exchange the modules took about 2-3 minutes only.

So lets talk about sound...
Greenhouse Effects pride themselves on organic, transparent drive and distortion with a very low noise to effect ratio. The distortion pedals provides this. The dials are effective and the distortion sound is very flexible from gain to very high gain. During all that time the signal stays very noise free but the sound is rich and full.

The dials on the 'Self-Titled' obviously change depending on which module is inserted into the pedal. For the distortion it was as expected, gain top left, tone middle bottom and level top right.

We also tried the tremolo and just like the Stonefish chorus and vibrato pedal by Greenhouse the effect is clean and the dials allow a wide range or variation.

The switching is done in a different way. The pedal is true-bypass but the switch is only engaged or disengaged on release of the switch, not when it is depressed. This allows you to 'anticipate' the change. Putting your foot on the switch and releasing it when you want the effect to be switched on or off. I would assume this might need some getting used to but the idea behind it makes sense.

These guys build top pedals!!!

Self-titled / Modular pedal
- Analog Modular pedal with Real interchangeable circuits
- Reliable true bypass with relay switching and Stand by

"The Self-Titled is a true analog Modular pedal that allows you to change its circuitry and to transform it from an overdrive to a Tremolo, to a Booster, to a Fuzz...

It features an all new design, a specially made enclosure and a reliable relay true bypass switching with an exclusive trick - Stand by switching. You can press the footswitch before you want to engage the pedal and when you do - just release your foot from it and the pedal will be switched on or off accordingly.

To change the circuit, use the provided tools to open the back plate and reveal the circuit. Then carefully extract the socketed circuit module from the motherboard and replace it with another module."

According to the GHEffects website more modules will be available will be released soon.


greenhouse effects self-titled box


greenhouse effects self-titled with tools


greenhouse effects self-titled inside view


greenhouse effects self-titled module boxes tremolo and distortion


greenhouse effects self-titled distortion module


greenhouse effects self-titled distortion module insertion


greenhouse effects self-titled distortion module inserted

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