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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 14:30

Disphoria Distortion Pedal by Sine Effect Electronics

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Diasphoria Distortion Pedal demo and Review Diasphoria Distortion Pedal demo and Review

The Disphoria is a distortion pedal made by Sine Effect Electronics. It is a very open and transparent distortion pedal with a huge amount of gain.


You can buy it HERE

Read our interview with Sine Effect Electronics interview

Build Quality:
Typical boutique handbuilt quality, great brushed aluminium knobs and a rubber backing.

Sounds a lot like the Marshall Guv'Nor 2 Plus but has a huge amount of gain that the Guv'Nor does not have.

The builder is from Glasgow, Scotland.

From Sine Effect Website:
DISPHORIA distortion
(for guitar)

All-new distortion effect for guitar. It's loud. It's violent. It's a character.

Made by new company, Sine Effect Electronics. Home-grown in Scotland, by a guitarist (not The Man!).
Designed with all-new Noise Cancelling-Cancelling technology.

Unholy amounts of gain (adjustable for more holiness)
Treble and Bass controls
Powerful, textured tone
True bypass
Rugged and reliable
Runs on 9V battery or via. 9V DC adapter
2 years' free warranty
BATTERY/ADAPTER NOT INCLUDED! (includes a list of recommended third-party adapters).

Input impedance: 1 megaohm
Output impedance: 100 ohm
Voltage: 9V DC
Current draw: 14mA
DISPHORIA distortion pedal
Instruction manual
Recommended adapters list


disphoria distortion pedal


disphoria distortion pedal


disphoria distortion pedal


Artist Recommendations
"Finally got to try out my Disphoria distortion at a jam last night and it sounds great! Instant massive rock tone with enough flexibility to really roll back and clean it up. Definitely a solid fixture in my rig now. Vastly different to my MXR Wylde Distortion, but in a way that justifies itself as a stand alone unit."

-Tony Mitchell, Blood Thread

"Sine Effect is a new company based in Scotland, building handmade pedals. I first became aware of the company through the other guitarist in my band, who purchased the company's distortion pedal "Disphoria". With the recent addition of duelling guitar solos to our band's sound, both myself and my co-guitarist spoke about ways to boost solos live to cut through the mix, so I decided to go with the HD Boost pedal by Sine Effect, which claimed to be a clean boost, which is exactly what I was looking for as my other boost pedal distorts when the knob is moved past 12 o' clock setting.

I decided to run the HD Boost in my amp's FX loop rather than in my pedalboard, having tried both ways, as the level of boost when used in the FX loop was far greater. In fact, I was very surprised at just how much volume boost there was when the boost control was turned all the way up to 10, without the pedal starting to distort in any way. The pedal also has bass and treble controls, which allow me to sculpt my lead tone by adding or taking away some bass or treble. I add a little treble to help my leads cut through what is a very heavy downtuned rhythm tone with a lot of low end. Using this pedal live makes things much easier for me to get the same level of boost at every show, and practise for that matter, as I don't have to spend time messing about with the amp's two channels, both of which have seperate master volumes.

This pedal does exactly what I need it to do and is also the clean boost it claims to be. I highly recommend Sine Effect and I am sure the HD Boost won't be the last Sine Effect pedal that finds its way into my rig."

-Peter Wall, Blood Thread

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