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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 15:14

Sine Effect Electronics MegaPara Demo and Review

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Sine Effect Electronics MegaPara Multiband EQ guitar pedal Sine Effect Electronics MegaPara Multiband EQ guitar pedal

Please check our full demo and review of the Sine Effect Electronics MegaPara multiband parametric equaliser pedal. More knobs than in parliament and more tone shaping than a ring in a champagne glass.

The Swiss Army knife of your pedalboard for sure. I remember the days before broadband where I even managed to play Wolfenstein online with some success. A friend of mine then got broadband and everyone said it isn't required. His words were 'once you get it you won't know how you managed without it.' Some of the truest words ever.

The MegaPara by Sine Effect Electronics is the same in my mind. There is no need for a good graphic equalizer, in this case a multiband Parametric equaliser until you actually implement it. Once you have used it to tweak and perfect your tone or fixed previous issues of unwanted frequencies you just can't go back.

As most EQs you can use it as a boost but I think this piece of kit it too sofisticated for that. Think about it this way, it is a fully 3 band parametric EQ, a vital piece of a channel strip right on your pedalboard.



Build Quality:

As all boutique pedals this stompbox is sturdy well made with brushed metal knobs. The knobs feel quality when turning and effect the sounds as desired. The pedal enclosure has a nice think layer of clear coating on it and a nice think rubber foot on the bottom.

Sound and usability:
This is a hard pedal to demo. EQ's are there to shape or fix. So unless you have something to shape or fix this is a pedal where you just need to trust that it is a 3 band parametric equaliser capable of dialing in the frequencies to affect, drive the gain/volume on each +/-15db and also accect the Q or shape from narrow to wide.

Some tips as suggested by Sine Effect:
Use the pedal to make a patch or instrument stand out. 
To find the sweet spot or problem area you want to tweak
Cut instead of boost as this limits introducing peaking or noise
Always be gentle with boost and width (Q) settings



About Parametric EQ
Parametric EQ is nearly a standard effect. It is a brilliant tool to fix or shape tone. Saying that it is probably worth noting that you should educate yourself on using it well. Obviously there are many tutorials online and going through as many as possible is a good idea if you are not familiar with Parametric EQ.


parametric equaliser

(for guitar & bass)

3 bands of equalisation available
+/-15dB boost or cut per band
High to low Q control
9V peak-to-peak headroom
True bypass
Rugged and reliable
Runs on 9V battery or via. 9V DC adapter



Sine Effect MegaPara eq


Sine Effect MegaPara eq


Sine Effect MegaPara eq


Sine Effect MegaPara eq


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