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Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:44

AmpFister overdrive pedal by Sine Effect Electronics demo

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Sine Effect AmpFister Demo Sine Effect AmpFister Demo

AmpFister overdrive pedal with Pre-Tone feature. It is designed and built by Sine Effect Electronics.

Allow more sculpting of your distortion and drive tone before the gain stage to allow better sculpting. It is different from using an EQ pedal alone as this EQ tweek only effects the tone from the pedal and after.

We found this pedal to be perfect at what it aims to be, being able to sculpt the tone just before the drive and then into a drive amp head for optimum application.

In our video demo we also mention that this is a TubeScreamer killer. Our reasoning is that it has the same clear and transparent drive with headroom but ads the feature to define a frequency and boost it. This allows a very definate sweetspot to be found to make your high gain amp sound even better and allows it to cut through the mix of both recorded and live scenarios. Most high gain metal sounds rely on too much of a scooped sound and this can remidy that without losing the that destinct 'metal' sound. In other cases where your distortion pedal gives too much of a mids bump, the AmpFister can help by boosting lows and dialing in the right bass and treble.

This is a very useful 'toolkit' pedal. And replacing your TubeScreamer with it is certainly an option for more control over your rig.

Many thanks to BloodThread for letting us use their AmpFister!

Semi-parametric boost before overdrive
Cut or boost Bass and Treble after overdrive
Responsive Gain control
Slight asymmetrical clipping for natural-sounding crunch
True Bypass
Shiny resin finish
Rugged and reliable
Hilarious name!

Input impedance: 1 mega-ohm
Output impedance: 100 ohms
Supply voltage: 9V DC
Current draw: ~20mA
Polarity: Centre-negative

Quote (Sine Effect AmpFister description on ebay):
"The AmpFister is a new overdrive pedal from Sine Effect Electronics, a small company from Scotland. Designed by a guitarist and built by hand, what sets the AmpFister apart is the ability to boost a frequency range of your choice before overdriving it.

The Pre-Tone feature lets you choose which frequencies to distort first, and by how much, opening up new possibilities in tone and touch-sensitivity. Bass and Treble controls after the overdrive stage allow for even more tweaking of the final sound.

Currently used live and on upcoming recordings for bands such as Blood Thread and a growing number of other players, the AmpFister has proven extremely useful in unlocking the overdrive characteristics of every amp tried. No longer do you need to be stuck with the fixed mid-hump of many overdrive pedals, and you can be free to choose a chunkier lower-mid or biting upper-mid boost. "

BloodThread Band

sine effect electronics ampfister demo

sine effect electronics ampfister demo

sine effect electronics ampfister demo

sine effect electronics ampfister

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