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Helmut Watterott

Helmut Watterott

Saturday, 04 February 2023 22:28

Get massive stereo with your guitar rig

How to get a massive stereo guitar sound

Wednesday, 26 October 2022 17:41

New Single - Severance

New single Severance now released

Making the Valeton GP-200 the centre piece of you pedalboard. The Valeton GP-200 is a very powerful and useful digital multi-effects pedal with good guitar amp simulation and guitar cab simulation. In this video I show one scenario of makine the Valeton GP-200 the centre piece of your pedalboard for flexibility and consitency.

Krachwerke Fuzzy Blender Fuzz modded silicon Fuzz Face clone. A mix of a Fuzz Face and a Tone Bender with bias control and diode clipping switch

Dirty Mid Boost Pedal demo in a mix - Tube Screamer killer. In my humble opinion a better option than the Tube Screamer... (*fight!) - A versatile boost and overdrive pedal with with gain (clipping) option and low end cut.

Check out this video on how to import (and export) patches and impulse responses for the Valeton GP-200

Monday, 27 June 2022 13:28

Muse Sunburn Piano Cover by Tamzin

Muse Sunburn Piano Cover by Tamzin

Amped Roots Free Amp Sim Demo in a mix - ML Sound Lab Fluff Free Amp Sim

Check out the stereo pedalboard setup using some of the Donner Guitar Effects Pedals

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