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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 12:32

Twinote Fuzz Pii Fuzz Pedal demo and Review

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Twinote Fuzz Pii Guitar Pedal Twinote Fuzz Pii Guitar Pedal Krachwerke

The FUzz Pii fuzz pedal by Twinote, a demo and quick review. A few days ago I noticed a very cheap and well reviewed fuzz pedal on Amazon and proceeded to purchase it. I was not let down.

The Twinote Fuzz is a fairly typical cheap fuzz pedal in my opinion. I have purchased a few because you can never have enough fuzz pedals. However just like the previous ones, the fuzzines is not its best feature. In my humble opinion it is a great distortion pedal that teeters on the edge of fuzz on its basic settings.

The Twinote Fuzz however does fo into crreamy hard clipping territory when you jam it through a driven channel on your amp. It has fuzz characteristics without but it feels more like a gnarly distortion than a fuzz.

To use as a fuzz use a driver pedal after or into a drive channel on your amp. It becomes a creamy paste of oscilation, hard clipping, sag and all the beautiful overtones that you desire.

I would not go as far as saying this is a great pedal but it is definately a very usefull pedal and does add some charm to a array of drives you might already have.

It has a scoop control which I found terrible. It broke up the tone and made it very bassy and nasal, quite unusable for me but I can see it might have an application to some.

All in all a great sounding and built pedal. It is quite new so no idea how long the switch and the dials will last. Time will tell.

twinote fuzz pii pic1
twinote fuzz pii leaflet
twinote fuzz pii back guitar fuzz pedal
twinote fuzz pii manual

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