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Helmut Watterott

Helmut Watterott

KMA Machines core business  is the design and production of finest handcraft in the form of series out of selected effects pedals / stompboxes. They also offer a pedal modification and repair service. We found these guys on facebook and contacted them for an interview because our eyes were drawn to the look of the pedal enclosure designs. Please see the full interview with KMA Machines.
Getting the right tone for metal in live situations 'Too much scoop can make your sound poop!'
In live environments, especially clubs, pubs and other small venues the 'scooped mids' metal tone can be a problem. Scooping the mids may leave your tone thin and disappearing in the mix.
Friday, 12 December 2014 15:38

We are now stocking Crucial Audio pedals

We are now stocking Crucial Audio Effects Pedals. These are great sounding and top quality hand built pedals from Santa Rosa, California. The first one we have on our site is the Crucial Audio Time Warp Tube Analogue Delay. The price quotes is the one you will pay in the UK and includes shipping and import charges. Get your hands on some awesome gear.

RJM Effects started as a hobby of Ryan and has grown from there. He started doing guitar repairs about seven years ago and last year decided to take a stab at effects pedals to take his mind off his "real job".  At first just modding and repairing but as knowledge grew (and there's always more to learn) he thought he'd take a stab at building a pedal for his own use. "So, I figured since I was pleased with my builds than maybe other guitar players might be as well." And so it starts...
Stacking amp sims in your daw in order to achieve the best parts of each of them. Most amp sims are now pretty usable but some aspects of them might not be so cool. Switch these features off use the missing feature from another amp modelling software or vst.
The guitar is easy to play but hard to play well. If you want to play exceptionally well get ready to practice a few hours a day for years. Only pussies stop playing because their fingers start bleeding.
Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Joyo Roll Boost effects Pedal demo and review

I think this is now my favourite Joyo effects Pedal. It is such a warm and effective clean boost.The boost is also quite strong dialed all the way, easily used a an overdrive, in fact a great sounding overdrive.

Saturday, 29 November 2014 00:00

Joyo Tremolo effects pedal Demo and Review

Not sure what to say about this. Not a Tremolo guru so this demo is just playing about with it a bit. The Joyo Tremolo sounds good and is well built like the other Joyo stompboxes.
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

Joyo California Sound Demo and Review

Joyo California Sound demo and review. The Joyo California is an amazing amp sim for around £30. Please see the video to hear it in action.
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

Craigamps - amp maker in South Africa

Looks we are really traveling the world with these interviews and amp/effects builder spotlights. The next interview is with Benjamin from Craigamps from Nelspruit in South Africa. A proper love story, like most builders the hobby/business/corporation... whatever it grows into always seems to start the same; by the love for guitars and everything that it brings with it. Please read the interview with Benjamin from Craigamps!