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Helmut Watterott

Helmut Watterott

Does it FUZZ? - Does Amplitube DOOM/METAL/CHUG
Does Amplitube Doom, Metal, Chug or sound like... These are quick videos attempting sounds quickly. No, additional EQ, reverbs or extra tweaking but rather recording directly as the tweaking happens. In this episode we try to achieve a brutal FUZZ sound with the Fender amp in Amplitube and BigPig Fuzz Pedal.

Does it DIME? - Does Amplitube DOOM/METAL/CHUG like Dimebag Darrel
Wednesday, 25 March 2020 13:16

New Impulse Responses by Krachwerke for 2020

We are proud to present our new set of guitar speaker impulse responses. These are high quality Convolution Reverb or Speaker Simulation for use with an IR Loader. The tones are based on the guitar cabs listed and can be used for cleans and drive. We have called this bundle 'Krachwerke Impulse Response Bundle 2020 V02' as we will most likely bring out more this year and we wanted to seperate it from the previous bundle.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 16:22


A look at if Spotiy is good or bad for music, artists, new music and independent musicians as well as consumers of music.
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 16:14

Don't become part of the Youtube echo chambers

A quick video about how ideas and knowledge is circulated on Youtube, don't fall victim to Youtube and Social Medial Echo Chambers.

This article is a quick info on how to set up your guitar, interface and DI in order to record a great DI track and then apply an amp sim like Amplitube or BIAS or any other amp/cab sim. This article will focus on a few different setup option and the differences between them.

Sunday, 26 January 2020 12:08

Mosky Golden Horse Demo and Review

The Mosky Golden Horse overdrive pedal and review. This is rumoured to be a Klon Centuar clone by in my opinion this is a very specifically voiced drive pedal centred around the lower mids.
Mids drive or boost pedal?!

Sunday, 26 January 2020 11:59

Donner Yellow Fall demo and Review

A quick demo of the Donner Yellow Fall Analogue Delay Pedal for guitar and bass. In the video I keep saying Yellow Tail instead of Yellow Fall.... SOWWY!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 12:32

Twinote Fuzz Pii Fuzz Pedal demo and Review

The FUzz Pii fuzz pedal by Twinote, a demo and quick review. A few days ago I noticed a very cheap and well reviewed fuzz pedal on Amazon and proceeded to purchase it. I was not let down.

David Weiss of SonicScoop interviews Justin Frankel, creator of the popular alternative DAW, Reaper.