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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 00:00

OpenStomp - The World's First OpenSource Digital Guitar Effects Pedal

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The OpenStomp The OpenStomp

I love opensource prjects. Now they are rearing their head in fileds not expected. Like this one; a programmable digital effects pedal with workbench.

The coyote-1 is made possible by a microprocessor called the Propeller from Parallax. This processor has 8 cores each running at 80Mhz. The coyote-1 is a sandbox where you can try out effects and ideas and share them with others. While on the pedal why not take them out gigging too.

OpenStomp also includes a workbench. This application is on your desktop and allows you to create the patches by graphically wiring effects to each other and the pedal resources like knobs, dials and LED's. OpenStopm was created by Eric Moyer, a hardware and software designe for networking systems, in-flight entertainment, 3D scanning and medical devices.

Most digital effects pedals nowadays have this idea of creating and sharing effects via an application which resides on your PC. This is not new. The likes of ZOOM G3 and up, Line6 and most others now allow this sort of patch creation/patchediting/patch sharing. I guess hte difference here is that this is more for the geeks who want to get even closer to the 'under the hood' stuff.

We wish this project every bit of success.

"The OpenStompTM Coyote-1 is an open source audio effects processor built for guitar players. With the Coyote-1 you can develop custom audio effects in software (like distortion, echo, chorus etc.), mix multiple effects to build "patches", and exchange those effects and patches with the OpenStomp community.

A companion Windows application (OpenStomp WorkbenchTM) allows you to combine effects into patches graphically, and to move patches and effects between the Coyote-1 device and your PC.

The Coyote-1 O/S is open source so you can tweak it to behave any way you like, and the hardware is fully documented so that you can take control of the whole pedal, dedicating all available system resources toward the implementation of unique custom solutions." -

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