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Thursday, 29 January 2015 19:23

ZOOM G1Xon amp modelling demo with cab simulation off - Follow up on g1xon review/demo

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ZOOM G1Xon with expression Pedal ZOOM G1Xon with expression Pedal ZOOM

A sound and audio demo of the ZOOM G1on and G1Xon. This video illustrates its amp modelling quality or amp simulation.

In this case the amp simulation is on but the cab simulation is switched off. The Zoom G1Xon has quite a few amps to choose from and the good thing is you can choose which cab goes with it and how you are using the multi-effects pedal, IE
Into the front of an amp
Into the FX Return
Through headphones or line in


This video focusses on the sound when just the amp or pre-amp simulation is required and the cab simulation is switched off. At the end of the demo there is also a comparison when the Joyo or Harley Benton California Sound Mesa/Boogie amp simulator is engaged to show what that sounds like.


The cab used in this demo is a typical Marshall 4 x 12 stack. That is why all the outputs are set to Stack Effects Return.


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