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Monday, 16 February 2015 10:06

Interview with Taurus Pedals - Grab your tone by the horns!

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Taurus Pedals are a small boutique company, located in Northwest Arkansas. Their team consists of electronics prodigy's and musicians. They like to experiment, work hard and "live the dream" by making and testing pedals that make a difference for every musician.

Taurus Philosophy:

They strive to build quality products with no limitations. Redefine music one effects pedal at a time and empowering each and every musician with the ability to create their own unique sound. The pedals are made with durability and great sound that stand the test of time.

Name: Russ Pedersen
Company Name: Taurus Pedals

A quick introduction please, name, company, location:
My name is Russ Pedersen owner, designer and builder at Taurus Pedals. We are located in Hogeye, Arkansas USA.

What got you started making gear?
I started modding pedals I owned and pedals for other people trying to get the most out of the commercial pedals available. I actually started building my own pedals kinda by accident, I wanted to try it and built the first Infinity overdrive for a Christmas gift for the guitarist teaching my oldest son. He was really impressed and it took of by word of mouth from there.

What gear do you make?
We make hand made Overdrives, Fuzz, Distortion, and Boosts. We have our first delay coming out on March 1st, 2015. We do some custom work but try to keep it to a minimum.

Where do you operate from?
We have a small room in the house and a small shop behind our house.

What about making gear do you like the most?
I really enjoy tweaking designs to get the tone I am after from them. But I think seeing and hearing other guitarists find the tone they have been chasing is the most fulfilling.

Is this a hobby or full time operation?
Somewhere in between, we have not hit the threshold to make it the only full time job.

Who inspires you/who do you look up to musically, IE what gear do you admire?
I have big time artists that I really enjoy, but I really get inspired and admire all the local artists. Hear in North West Arkansas, and Arkansas and the surrounding area in general, we are really lucky to have a very fertile and diverse music scene and I have always tried to make sure that I do everything I can to support our local musicians.

What pisses you off/what do you like; about the boutique audio gear building industry?
I will keep it positive, I love meeting different musicians, and listening to their needs and Ideas.

Are you still in a band or play music and do you use your own gear?
I play when I can. I do not presently play in a band and only seem to have time to play when I am testing pedals. Working essentially two full time jobs just does not leave much time. I use my own pedals and some other longtime favorites are on my pedalboard.

Quick Fire:
Favourite Guitar Maker? Jackson
Favourite Guitar Effect? Distortion
Favourite Amp Maker? Marshall, but have been warming up on Orange lately.
Favourite Music Genre? Really just love music, but forced to pick just one it would be 80's thrash metal
Favourite Band / Artist? Rush, love the muscianship.
Favourite Guitarist? Randy Rhoads
Favourite Instrument? Guitar
Favourite Drink? White Russians
Favourite Place? Home with my family
Favourite Food? Pizza

Website Address:

Social Media Channels
facebook: Taurus Pedals
instagram: @tauruspedals
Twitter: @Tauruspedals



Taurus Infinity Pedal

Taurus Pedals Infinity Overdrive


Taurus PI Fuzz pedal

Taurus Pedals Pi Fuzz


Taurus Vendetta pedal

Taurus Pedals Vendetta distortion




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