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Echo-Nugget Tube Delay

The Echo-Nugget is designed to deliver the warm tone and quality of a tube preamp combined with the classic sound of an Analog Delay. This classic technology is combined with modern manufacturing techniques and standards.
Crucial Audio Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analogue Delay
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Vacuum Tube Analog Delay

500mS Analog Delay
Class A Vacuum Tube Preamp
Selectable Output Level & Tone Control
Rugged and Reliable Construction

Please note:
These pedals are handbuilt to order and come from the US. Please leave some time for delivery.


The Echo-Nugget by Crucial AudioTM combines the unique (tape-like) sound quality, and real-time parameter control benefits of an Analog Delay with the warm and brilliant sound fidelity from a high voltage/low noise Class A vacuum tube interface circuit. The Echo-Nugget represents what we consider to be the best in tonal landscaping, and has been described as "Organic Sounding."

The Echo-Nugget offers switch-able output level with a tone control, and features extremely low switching noise. The heavy duty construction will endure the toughest of touring environments. Crucial Audio's PC Board Assemblies are manufactured by UL approved facilities. The rugged extruded aluminum chassis are custom designed by Crucial AudioTM, and also manufactured in the USA. The Echo-Nugget is loaded with two Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG vacuum tubes, and can accept a wide variety of 9-pin twin triodes (such as any 12AX7, please refer to the tube chart in the product manual).

No Op-Amps are used in the audio signal path, thus the signal maintains its warm and natural harmonic qualities. The Vacuum Tube Analog Delay is a lower maintenance and sturdier alternative to the magnetic tape echoes, and offers a warmer tone than the digital delays and modelers. The Echo- Nugget is a fraction of the price of currently produced tape echoes!

Product Features: Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosure. Dual Layer FR4 PC Board. Dual Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG Vacuum Tubes. BBD Analog Delay (up to 500ms). SWITCH-ABLE Output Level with Tone Control. Wide Frequency Response High & Low Gain Input Jacks. No Op-Amps in Audio Path. Low Noise Design. Can be used as a stand alone Tube Pre Amp. 1 Year Limited Warranty. 16-18 Vac Power Supply (included).


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