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DISPHORIA Distorion Pedal

A brutal yet transparent overdrive with hellish amounts of gain.
Disphoria Distortion by Sine Effect Electronics
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Please be aware these pedals are handbuilt. There is a 'order to delivery time' of roughly 3 weeks.
Unholy amounts of gain (adjustable for more holiness)
Treble and Bass controls
Powerful, textured tone
True bypass
Rugged and reliable
Runs on 9V battery or via. 9V DC adapter

Videos and reviews

"Finally got to try out my Disphoria distortion at a jam last night and it sounds great! Instant massive rock tone with enough flexibility to really roll back and clean it up. Definitely a solid fixture in my rig now. Vastly different to my MXR Wylde Distortion, but in a way that justifies itself as a stand alone unit."
-Tony Mitchell, Blood Thread


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